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About Us
Mike DeLuca
Whats Up, I'm Mike DeLuca.
 I've been a collector of all sorts of stuff for most of my life. I've had some pretty intense collections over the years, most notably was my Hot Wheels collection. In 1999
I traded it off, right at 11,500 pieces. You name it, I had it. 
I was also the founder of the HotLanta HotWheels chapter some 25 years ago. It became the largest chapter of HotWheel collectors in the country. Today my collection consist of pre 1970's toys, vintage stingrays/old school bikes, lunch box's, scooters, cell phones, autographs and a rather large skateboard collection. Everyday I'm on the search for that special item, if you have something I may like, pick up the phone and give me a shout!

Ray DeLuca

I think of myself as the original American Picker, but actually called myself a ‘Junker’ for the past 38 years. I started out by collecting old junk such as crank phones, wood stoves, a couple old trucks, vintage license plates, and just plain junk to sell at community auctions. I then began to collect Coca Cola memorabilia such as clocks, signs and anything else that had the Coca Cola logo. I learned how to repair the old clocks and signs, and continue to do so today. I continued to collect and sell almost anything that had some type of advertising. If it was broke I fixed it, and if it was dirty it was cleaned. I also have a great friend that I continue to pick for who buys and sells antique advertising and memorabilia. Many of the old period time pieces are rented as movie props for movies such as: Driving Miss Daisy, The Bear, A Bronx Tale, Lolita, and more than 3 dozen more. We also rent some of the props to local community stage plays for background items.
I worked for the Dept. of Agriculture for more than 30 years, and I was able to obtain a lot of ‘junk’ while driving throughout Georgia. Most of these items were sold off over the years, some were saved and some were just given away to people I know who collect different types of ‘junk’. I continue to pick / junk today with my brother who has been an avid collector for years with various types of toys, advertising and just neat stuff! 
I still have my original set of Lionel trains and Plasticville buildings that I have had since 1951. I have added 4 more sets and multiple cars over the years. The trains as well as my Coca Cola collection will be passed on to my children and grandchildren, and who know maybe one of them may become a Junker too!
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