DeLuca Brothers - Collectors Of Cool Stuff
Thanks for checking us out!
 I'm Mike DeLuca and along with my brother Ray, we are DeLuca Brothers Junkers. We have been picking and collecting for most of our lives. With over sixty years between us collecting cool items, we have come to know a little bit about everything in the collectibles market. We specialize in pre 1970's vintage collectibles and pretty well will buy, sell or trade for anything that we think is cool. Here is a list of things we generally look for.
Vintage Cola Cola
Soda Fountain Items
Vending Machines
Juke Box's
Neon Signs
Gas Pumps
Pre 1975 Motorcycles
Lunch Box's
Redline HotWheels
Any Vintage Toys
Vintage Swatch Watches
This is just an idea list, if you think you have something we might like, just give us a call, your junk is our treasure!
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